Ashmusy the Skit Queen Dishes on Why She Single – You Won’t Believe Her Bold Confession

Ashmusy the Skit Queen Dishes on Why She Single – You Won't Believe Her Bold Confession

Skit Sensation Ashmusy: Earning More than Suitors, Still Seeking Mr. Right

Renowned Nigerian skit maker and influencer, Amarachi Amusi, known as Ashmusy, has made a candid revelation about her romantic life. During a recent appearance on the ‘Tell Your Story’ podcast hosted by Zicsaloma, Ashmusy disclosed that she is still single because she earns more money than most of the men who express interest in her.

In an open and honest conversation, Ashmusy shared her perspective on relationships, emphasizing her desire for a partner who outshines her financially. She expressed, “I want my man to be bigger than me; to be my head. To be way way richer than me, like let my money be nothing compared to his.”

However, Ashmusy lamented that when she questions potential suitors about their income, she often finds that even those who are doing well financially still earn less than she does. “Most men I meet are making less than what I make in a month,” she admitted.

Ashmusy’s candidness in discussing her relationship preferences reflects her aspiration for a balanced financial dynamic in her future partnership. While she acknowledges her wealth and success, she continues to seek a Mr. Right who can match or exceed her financial achievements.

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