Calabar Private Parts Vanishing Panic Exposed as Police Busts 13 Abduction Suspects

Calabar Private Parts Vanishing Panic Exposed as Police Busts 13 Abduction SuspectsCalabar Private Parts Vanishing Panic Exposed as Police Busts 13 Abduction Suspects

Calabar Authorities Debunk Baseless Rumors of Private Parts Disappearance

Calabar, Cross River State: In a resolute effort to put an end to the groundless rumors that recently swept through the city regarding the mysterious disappearance of men’s private parts, the Cross River State police command issued a clear and definitive statement discrediting these unfounded claims. SP Irene Ugbo, the police spokesperson, addressed this matter during a press briefing and took the opportunity to provide an update on the apprehension of 13 suspects in the state during the month of August.

SP Irene Ugbo unequivocally stated that a thorough investigation into the rumors has uncovered no evidence to support the sensational claims. These unverified reports had caused widespread panic and anxiety among Calabar’s residents, prompting a significant surge in tension throughout the state capital. However, the police’s diligent investigation has categorically refuted any concerns related to the alleged vanishing of men’s private parts.

“It is imperative to state that the reports suggesting the disappearance of men’s private parts in Calabar are entirely baseless and false. Our comprehensive investigation has conclusively proven these allegations to be without merit. We sternly caution against the dissemination of falsehoods, especially through social media channels,” emphasized SP Irene Ugbo.

Transitioning to the primary focus of the press briefing, SP Irene Ugbo shed light on the arrest of 13 suspects, some of whom were apprehended in connection with the abduction of Prof. Ekanem Ephraim. The abduction had prompted a significant outcry and an industrial action by the state chapter of the Nigeria Medical Association. Prof. Ekanem Ephraim, a highly esteemed Consultant Neurologist at the University of Calabar Teaching Hospital, was abducted from her Calabar residence on July 13.

SP Irene Ugbo assured the public that the police force remains committed to diligently pursuing leads provided by the arrested suspects in order to bring the kidnappers responsible for Prof. Ekanem Ephraim’s abduction to justice. She also issued a heartfelt plea for the cooperation of the public, highlighting the pivotal role that timely sharing of information plays in the collective effort to combat kidnapping within the state.

“I reiterate that one of the challenges we face in addressing criminal activities is the reluctance of individuals to promptly share intelligence regarding suspicious activities and movements within their communities. I implore the general public to engage in open communication with law enforcement, as it is a crucial element in resolving security concerns,” stressed SP Irene Ugbo.

This official statement from the Cross River State police command serves as a stark reminder of the significance of fact-checking and verifying information before disseminating it, especially in an era dominated by social media where unverified rumors can quickly spiral out of control, causing unwarranted fear and distress. It also underscores the unwavering dedication of Nigerian law enforcement agencies in their mission to combat crime and ensure the safety and security of all citizens.

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