Concrete Road Clash PDP Fires Back at Umahi Bold Claims

Concrete Road Clash PDP Fires Back at Umahi Bold Claims

PDP Challenges Umahi Concrete Road Vision Amid Doubts

The Ebonyi State chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has voiced reservations about Minister of Works David Umahi’s directive to implement concrete technology in federal road construction projects. The party also cast doubts on Umahi’s claim that his concrete roads would endure for half a century.

Umahi recently announced that contractors opting for asphalt over concrete must guarantee the longevity of the roads they build, with concrete roads boasting a 50-year lifespan. However, the PDP’s Publicity Secretary in Ebonyi State, Chika Nwoba, issued a statement contesting Umahi’s assertions.

Nwoba pointed to Umahi’s track record as governor of Ebonyi State, where his direct labor approach to road construction failed to deliver expected results. The statement cited instances of project dilapidation shortly after completion, including the collapse of buildings within the Abakaliki International Market, a project personally supervised by Umahi.

The PDP’s critique emphasizes the need for transparent accountability in road construction and raises questions about the practicality and durability of concrete roads, given past experiences. This ongoing debate underscores the importance of ensuring that infrastructure development initiatives genuinely benefit Nigerians and withstand the test of time.

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