Deadly Cancer Crisis in Nigeria 78000 Lives Lost Annually – Urgent Plea for Change

Deadly Cancer Crisis in Nigeria 78000 Lives Lost Annually - Urgent Plea for Change

Staggering Cancer-Related Deaths in Nigeria: 78,000 Lives Lost Annually, Urgent Call for Action

Shocking statistics have emerged, revealing that Nigeria witnesses a heartbreaking 78,000 cancer-related deaths each year. This dire situation has been brought to light by the Association of Radiation and Clinical Oncologists of Nigeria (ARCON), urging immediate and concerted efforts to address this devastating crisis.

ARCON, in a press conference held in Enugu, disclosed that Nigeria also grapples with approximately 125,000 new cancer cases annually, ranking as one of the countries with the highest breast cancer mortality rates globally. Dr. Amaka Lasebikan, ARCON’s National President, voiced profound concerns about the escalating cancer burden in Nigeria, emphasizing the need for swift action from all stakeholders.

One of the key contributors to the rising cancer incidence is the glaring inequality in access to cancer care, which has resulted in socioeconomic and geographical disparities among patients. Dr. Lasebikan highlighted numerous challenges, including inadequate healthcare infrastructure, cultural and religious beliefs, geographical disparities, and a significant brain drain, all exacerbating the situation.

Late cancer diagnosis is another critical issue plaguing the country, leading to an alarmingly high number of cancer-related fatalities. Lifestyle factors, such as unhealthy diets, smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, and the consumption of multiple starchy foods, are contributing to the increased cancer risk.

Dr. Lasebikan made a compelling point that cancer is treatable, especially when detected early. To combat these harrowing trends and promote equity in cancer care, ARCON has selected the theme ‘Equity in Oncology: Policy, Practice, and Patients’ for their upcoming scientific conference.

This initiative is driven by the belief that every Nigerian, regardless of their background or financial status, deserves timely and effective access to cancer diagnosis and treatment. It is a collective call to action to mitigate the devastating impact of cancer in the nation.

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