Delta State on Edge Chevron 15-Year Promise Ignites a Showdown

Delta State on Edge Chevron 15-Year Promise Ignites a Showdown

Delta State’s Oil Friction: Chevron Faces Local Ire Over Unfulfilled Commitments

Delta State’s oil-producing regions are abuzz with escalating concerns as Niger Delta Itsekiri Oil Producing Communities (NDIOPC) stand firm against Chevron Nigeria Limited. Their primary grievance? Chevron’s lingering promise of converting VTP5/OTP2 and VTP6 graduates to official staff positions, even after 15 years of service.

Despite having cleared Chevron’s rigorous recruitment and training hurdles, these professionals await the fruition of their rightful staff status. In a fervent plea, NDIOPC leaders reached out to both Governor Sheriff Oborevwori and Chevron’s executive circle, emphasizing not only the company’s oversight but also the government’s perceived inaction. Adding gravitas to their concerns, Olu of Warri, Ogiame Atuwatse III, has historically championed their cause.

Recollections of interventions by prominent personalities like Weyinmi Okorodudu and Prince Emmanuel Amgbaduba surface, painting a timeline of reassurances yet unmet. As uncertainties prevail, the pressing query emerges: Will Chevron and the Delta authorities chart a path towards resolution? The continuity of oil operations in pivotal regions now teeters on the outcome.

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