Exclusive Revelation Inside the Investigative Storm Unraveling the Tragic Fate of Police Cadet Jika

Exclusive Revelation Inside the Investigative Storm Unraveling the Tragic Fate of Police Cadet Jika

Investigation Launched into Tragic Passing of Police Cadet as IG Takes Swift Action

Amidst the heart-wrenching loss of police cadet Sulaiman Jika, the acting Inspector-General of Police, Olukayode Egbetokun, has swiftly established a seven-member Panel of Inquiry to unravel the circumstances surrounding the untimely demise. The panel, led by Deputy Inspector-General Abiodun Alabi of the Force Criminal Investigation Department, embarks on a comprehensive and impartial investigation into the events surrounding Jika’s death at the Nigeria Police Academy in Wudil, Kano State.

Contributing to the depth of expertise on the panel are Assistant Inspector-General Oyeyemi Oyediran, overseeing Training and Development; Chief Police Officer Garba Nzukwen, responsible for Force Medical affairs; Chief Police Officer Fom-Pam Joseph, entrusted with Homicide matters at FCID; Chief Police Officer Patrick Edung, managing Training at the Police Academy; and a representative of the Chief Police Legal Officer, who will serve as the secretary. The lineup is completed by Principal Staff Officer II to the Inspector-General, ACP Idris Abubakar.

The panel has been directed to produce an all-encompassing report, outlining their findings and recommendations within an expedited four-day timeline, highlighting the urgency and gravity of the investigation. As a gesture of solidarity, Egbetokun extends heartfelt condolences to Jika’s family, associates, and the academy community, pledging the police force’s commitment to achieving justice in this tragic case.

In the wake of a poignant exposé by The PUNCH, which disclosed the tragic passing of Jim’s, a first-year cadet, allegedly due to inadequate nourishment and care at the police academy, the appointment of the Panel of Inquiry signifies a determined pursuit of truth. The incident has prompted pointed accusations against Commandant AIG Sadiq Abubakar, sparking concerns over the welfare and treatment of cadets.

Sources within the academy have drawn attention to insufficient medical facilities and subpar provisions as key contributing factors to Jika’s unfortunate demise. Furthermore, allegations of mismanagement of academy funds have emerged, raising questions about the well-being and equitable treatment of cadets.

In response, the establishment of the Panel of Inquiry aims to cast light on the circumstances surrounding Jika’s passing. Inquisitive minds now probe into the handling of cadet well-being and the efficient allocation of resources within the police academy. The outcome of this inquiry transcends the specifics of this particular incident, exemplifying the police force’s commitment to upholding transparency, accountability, and, above all, justice.

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