Expert Warns of Tribal Tensions Threatening National Unity Healing and Responsibility Key

Expert Warns of Tribal Tensions Threatening National Unity Healing and Responsibility Key

Tribal Tensions Pose a Menace to National Unity, Warns Expert

Chizoba Akunne, the Executive Director of the Centre for Individual and Child Development, has issued a stark caution about the growing threat of tribal biases to Nigeria’s national unity. She called upon the younger generation to consider how the country’s vast linguistic diversity, with over 525 spoken languages, sometimes fuels unnecessary tension.

Addressing a workshop themed “Fostering National Unity and Oneness,” organized by her institution in Lagos, Akunne reaffirmed her commitment to celebrating all ethnicities while striving to eradicate ingrained biases.

Akunne emphasized that achieving genuine national unity hinges on emotional healing and forgiveness. She urged individuals to seek healing for their personal wounds to unlock their creative potential and lead fulfilling lives.

The workshop also tackled the negative consequences of social media, such as addiction and the spread of divisive information. Ambassador Olufunmi Olaosun, President of the African Union Youth Assembly, Nigeria, stressed the importance of fact-checking before sharing information to promote unity among ethnic groups.

Coach Alfa Abena, Social Media Manager at Danikal Management Consult, delved into the impacts of daily social media use, advocating for the creation of a structured approach to mitigate the emotional turbulence often associated with online platforms.

In a time when tribal tensions threaten national cohesion, these expert perspectives emphasize the significance of emotional healing, authentic communication, and responsible social media engagement to secure a harmonious future for Nigeria.

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