Explosive Controversy Unleashed Lawmaker Accused of N54 Billion Road Scandal – Her Defiant Response Revealed

Explosive Controversy Unleashed Lawmaker Accused of N54 Billion Road Scandal - Her Defiant Response Revealed

Original News Summary: Hon. Tolulope Akande-Sadipe, the Member representing Oluyole Federal Constituency in Oyo State, has refuted claims that she inflated the cost of a road rehabilitation project in her constituency. Reports alleged that she collaborated with the Federal Ministry of Works to increase the project’s cost from N9 billion to N54 billion. The contractor, DC Engineering Limited, made these claims during a public hearing. Akande-Sadipe clarified that the project, awarded in 2018, is still incomplete after five years, with only one kilometer done, despite substantial funding. She sponsored a motion for an investigation due to constituents’ petitions.

Unique News Report: In a fervent denial, Hon. Tolulope Akande-Sadipe, the representative of Oluyole Federal Constituency in Oyo State, has firmly rejected allegations of inflating the contract cost for a crucial road rehabilitation project within her jurisdiction. These allegations surfaced amid reports suggesting she colluded with the Federal Ministry of Works to elevate the project’s price tag from N9 billion to a staggering N54 billion, claims that were presented by the project’s contractor, DC Engineering Limited, during a public hearing.

Akande-Sadipe, in her response to these accusations, offered a comprehensive explanation of the situation. She revealed that the Olojuoro, Ijebu-Igbo, Ita Egba, Owonomwen road project, spanning 45 kilometers, was initially commissioned in 2018 with a projected two-year timeline for completion. However, five years on, only a single kilometer has been successfully executed, despite substantial financial resources allocated to the project.

The trigger for this investigation was the distressing state of the road, marked by frequent accidents and safety hazards, as reported by her constituents. As a responsible legislator, she initiated a motion to address these concerns, emphasizing the importance of accountability. Her motion specifically called for the formation of an Ad-Hoc Committee to thoroughly investigate why contractors consistently failed to meet their contractual obligations.

Akande-Sadipe expressed her dismay at becoming the target of accusations by the contractor, whom she accused of neglecting its contractual responsibilities to the detriment of Oluyole’s residents.

In a detailed document presented during the public hearing, she firmly refuted any allegations of promoting a specific contractor and clarified that she had no direct or indirect ties to the said contractor. Furthermore, she vehemently denied any involvement in inflating contract costs, asserting her commitment to transparency and the rule of law.

The legislator also called for an in-depth evaluation of DC Engineering’s competence, as reports indicated that parts of the road project were subcontracted to smaller construction firms, a potential violation of the contract’s terms.

Akande-Sadipe recounted a site visit she initiated in 2021, where representatives from the Federal Ministry of Works, the Commissioner of Public Complaints Commission, and DC Engineering Limited were present. During this visit, troubling allegations emerged, suggesting that the company had collected funds from local communities to repair feeder road culverts, only to remove them during the rehabilitation work.

In conclusion, Akande-Sadipe stressed the necessity of a comprehensive investigation to uncover the truth regarding the road project, ensure accountability, and address the concerns of her constituents.

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