From Radio Revolution to 29 Years of Private Broadcasting Raypower FM Impact Will Leave You Speechless

From Radio Revolution to 29 Years of Private Broadcasting Raypower FM Impact Will Leave You Speechless

29 Years of Private Broadcasting: Raypower FM’s Trailblazing Legacy

In a historic moment that forever altered Nigeria’s media landscape, private broadcasting was born 29 years ago when Raypower 100 FM commenced commercial broadcasting in Lagos on September 1, 1994. This monumental shift came after the 1992 deregulation of the broadcast sector by the Ibrahim Babangida military government.

Private broadcasting’s genesis can be traced back to 1993 when the first license was issued. RayPower FM, the pioneer, began test broadcasts in December 1993 before its full-fledged launch in the following year. This marked the end of government-controlled broadcasting in Nigeria, which had prevailed for six decades.

This year’s anniversary was marked with a sense of reverence due to the passing of Dr. Raymond Dokpesi, the visionary founder of RayPower FM. Despite subdued celebrations, Raypower’s enduring legacy continues to resonate.

During a recent discussion on Ibiyemi Olufowobi’s program, Mr. Olusesan Ekisola, the station’s pioneer General Manager, provided insights into Raypower FM’s humble beginnings.

RayPower FM’s journey mirrors the evolution of private broadcasting in Nigeria. Today, the nation boasts hundreds of radio and television licenses issued by the Nigeria Broadcasting Commission (NBC). Many stations are now operational, with others awaiting their turn to commence operations.

Private broadcasting has revolutionized information dissemination in Nigeria by offering diverse and alternative voices that enrich the media landscape.

As we approach the 30-year milestone next year, NBC may soon celebrate private broadcasting’s remarkable journey and its invaluable contributions to the nation’s development. Raypower FM’s pioneering broadcast has set the stage for a vibrant and diverse media ecosystem, amplifying the nation’s voices and perspectives.

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