Governor vs Deputy Showdown Media Aides Axed in Explosive Ondo State Power Struggle

Governor vs Deputy Showdown Media Aides Axed in Explosive Ondo State Power Struggle

Original News Summary: Ondo State Governor, Oluwarotimi Akeredolu, has taken action against his deputy, Lucky Ayedatiwa, by terminating the appointments of his media aides. This move follows an apparent internal conflict between the governor and his deputy. The affected media aides have been directed to return government properties to the deputy governor’s office. The decision to sack the media aides is believed to be a result of news reports allegedly orchestrated against the governor by the deputy governor’s media team.

Unique News Report: In a significant development, Governor Oluwarotimi Akeredolu of Ondo State has made a decisive move in response to mounting internal tensions within his administration. The governor has chosen to terminate the appointments of his deputy, Lucky Ayedatiwa’s, media aides, marking a notable escalation in their ongoing rift.

The governor’s decision was communicated through a statement issued by his Chief Press Secretary, Richard Olatunde. In this statement, the affected media aides were instructed to promptly return any government properties they possess to the acting Permanent Secretary, Office of the Deputy Governor.

The individuals affected by this decision include Kenneth Odusola-Stevenson, who served as Press Secretary to the Governor, Oladipupo Okunniga, Special Assistant to the Governor (New Media), and Abayomi Adefolalu, Special Assistant to the Governor (Photography).

Furthermore, the statement outlined that the press crew associated with the deputy governor’s office has been disbanded, and its members have been directed to resume their respective duties within various ministries and stations. To ensure continued coverage of the deputy governor’s activities, the Ministry of Information and Orientation has been tasked with this responsibility.

This abrupt termination of media aides’ appointments serves as a clear indicator of the intensifying discord between Governor Akeredolu and Deputy Governor Ayedatiwa. It is suggested that this decision was prompted by allegations of the deputy governor’s media team orchestrating news reports against the governor.

An anonymous source, speaking to DAILY POST, hinted at the deputy governor’s media team’s involvement in fueling controversies between Governor Akeredolu and Deputy Governor Ayedatiwa, particularly during the governor’s medical leave in Germany.

This development carries significant implications for the political dynamics within Ondo State, as tensions between the governor and his deputy continue to mount.

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