Legal Showdown Shocker PANDEF Blasts Obi and Atiku Lawyers – Explosive Revelations Unveiled

Legal Showdown Shocker PANDEF Blasts Obi and Atiku Lawyers - Explosive Revelations Unveiled

PANDEF Voices Displeasure with Legal Representation for Obi and Atiku in Presidential Election Case

The PAN Niger Delta Elders Forum (PANDEF) has raised concerns about the legal representation provided for Peter Obi of the Labour Party and the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the recent presidential election matter. According to Ken Robinson, the National Publicity Secretary of PANDEF, the lawyers handling the case fell short of delivering a satisfactory performance and displayed a lack of due diligence.

Robinson’s remarks came after a marathon 11-hour judgment session in which the Court of Appeal justices meticulously dissected the case. He noted that the judgment appeared to be well-founded, even to non-legal observers, and that the judges’ statements were unequivocal in suggesting that the petitioners’ legal teams had not met the mark.

While acknowledging the right to appeal for those who are dissatisfied with the tribunal’s ruling, Robinson emphasized that the judgment was comprehensive and grounded in clear factual findings. He suggested that the legal representatives might need to offer apologies to their clients in light of the perceived shortcomings.

Robinson stressed the importance of upholding the rule of law and refraining from any vigilantism. He cautioned against tarnishing the reputation of the judiciary and called on dissatisfied parties to pursue the legal avenue of appeal. PANDEF, in the interest of national unity, peace, and democratic stability, called for a measured and respectful response to the tribunal’s decision.

In the wake of PANDEF’s critique, it remains to be seen how the legal teams and their clients will react and whether an appeal will be initiated in this high-stakes case.

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