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Nationwide Strike Chaos Nigeria in Turmoil as NLC Protest Paralyzes Daily Life

Nationwide Strike Chaos Nigeria in Turmoil as NLC Protest Paralyzes Daily Life

NLC Warning Strike Sees Enhanced Compliance, Nationwide Disruptions on Day 2

The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) concluded its two-day warning strike, expressing satisfaction with the heightened compliance on the second day. The strike, called to protest the removal of petrol subsidies, showcased the unwavering commitment of workers and unions across the nation.

In a circular issued by NLC President Joe Ajaero, gratitude was extended to all affiliates, state councils, and members for their dedicated support during the strike. The union emphasized that the strike aimed to underscore the need for the government to prioritize the welfare of citizens and adhere to established statutes.

Government offices in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, remained vacant as civil servants adhered to the NLC’s directive to stay away from work. Federal ministries, including those in health, education, humanitarian and poverty alleviation, agriculture, and solid mineral development, saw deserted premises. This collective action sent a strong message to the government about the importance of addressing citizens’ concerns.

Osun State experienced a standstill with disrupted electricity supply and empty courtrooms as judicial workers embraced the strike. Ondo State, too, saw government activities halted, with ministries and government parastatals keeping their gates closed. Some banks, which operated partially on the first day of the strike, chose to shut down operations completely.

In Ogun State, the strike even affected a judgment by the National Assembly Election Petition Tribunal. Imo State faced arrests of NLC officials while monitoring compliance. The strike’s repercussions extended to the South East, where power supply was disrupted due to the shutdown of Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) stations. Bayelsa State witnessed a slowdown in government operations, as the state secretariat complex and government hospitals were affected.

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Kano, Kebbi, and Katsina states experienced significant compliance, as government offices, schools, hospitals, and banks closed their doors. The strike not only disrupted daily life but also underscored the collective resolve of Nigerian workers to demand better living conditions and ensure the government listens to their concerns.

As the strike ends, its echoes continue to reverberate, pushing for a more equitable future for all citizens.

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