Nigeria Military Strikes Billion-Dollar Blow Against Oil Thieves

Nigeria Military Strikes Billion-Dollar Blow Against Oil Thieves

“Nigeria’s Military Thwarts Oil Theft, Saves N4 Billion Worth of Crude”

Nigeria’s military high command has declared a significant victory in its ongoing operations in the Niger Delta region, revealing that it has successfully prevented oil thieves from making off with an estimated N4 billion worth of crude oil.

Over the specified period, the military’s vigilant efforts resulted in the recovery of more than 6.6 million liters of stolen crude oil, 3.5 million liters of AGO (Automotive Gas Oil), 200,000 liters of DPK (Dual Purpose Kerosene), and over 65,000 liters of Premium Motor Spirits (PMS). These substantial recoveries collectively represent a staggering sum denied to economic saboteurs, thus safeguarding the nation’s valuable resources.

Maj. Gen. Edward Buba, Director of Defence Media Operations, shared this remarkable news during a quarterly briefing in Abuja, shedding light on the military’s operations conducted between June and August 2023.

The South-South geopolitical zone, renowned for its oil-rich resources, witnessed remarkable achievements as a result of troops’ diligence and dedication. Notably, the military arrested those involved in the theft of 6,652,250 liters of stolen crude oil, 3,558,325 liters of illegally refined AGO, 288,650 liters of DPK, and 65,600 PMS. This substantial recovery equates to the aforementioned N4 billion saved from falling into the hands of oil thieves.

Beyond thwarting oil theft, the military’s operations across Nigeria yielded impressive results. Troops apprehended 2,328 criminals in various parts of the country, while in the North East, they neutralized no fewer than 814 terrorists.

The comprehensive statistics from the military’s operations from June to August 2023 are as follows:

  • Neutralization of 814 terrorists.
  • Arrest of 1,326 criminals.
  • Apprehension of 42 kidnappers.
  • Capture of 231 collaborators.
  • Arrest of 33 armed robbers.
  • Detainment of 80 cattle rustlers.
  • Capture of 325 militiamen.
  • Apprehension of 27 rail vandals.
  • Arrest of 73 gunrunners.
  • Detainment of 191 suspected oil thieves.
  • Successful rescue of 721 kidnapped hostages.
  • Surrender of 4,560 terrorists and their families to troops.

The military’s achievements also extended to the recovery of an impressive arsenal of arms, ammunition, and equipment. Among the recovered items were 501 weapons, 3,577 livestock, 3,269 assorted types of ammunition, and 674 other pieces of equipment.

This remarkable feat by Nigeria’s military reflects a resolute commitment to safeguarding the nation’s resources and ensuring the security and well-being of its citizens.

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