Nigerian Athletes Rewarded Big for Beating East African Dominance in Abeokuta Marathon

Nigerian Athletes Rewarded Big for Beating East African Dominance in Abeokuta Marathon

CashToken Rewards African Champions of Abeokuta Marathon

In a resounding tribute to exceptional Nigerian athletes, CashToken Rewards Africa has honored the standout performers of the recent Lotus Bank Abeokuta 10km Marathon with prizes totaling 100,000 in cash token bundles.

Patience Dalyop, a remarkable talent, clinched the third position in the fiercely competitive women’s category, thwarting a Kenyan sweep of top honors. Her awe-inspiring finish time of 36 minutes and 31 seconds marked a rare triumph against East African dominance.

On the men’s side, Francis James emerged as a national hero, claiming victory in the Nigerian men’s category and securing fifth place overall with an impressive time of 31 minutes and 8 seconds. This accomplishment not only added to the nation’s pride but also showcased the growing prowess of Nigerian long-distance runners.

The Lotus Bank Abeokuta 10km Marathon, a highlight of the 80th birthday celebrations of Alake of Egbaland, Kabiyesi Oba Michael Gbadebo (CFR), transcended the realm of sport, symbolizing cultural and economic significance.

Lai Labode, Managing Director of CashToken Rewards Africa, emphasized the marathon’s role in positioning Abeokuta on the global stage. He highlighted the positive reviews and the promise of increased participation, a development poised to attract tourists and stimulate investment in the state. Labode also encouraged all participants, particularly Dalyop and James, to persevere in their relentless pursuit of excellence.

Patience Dalyop and Francis James, unwavering in their dedication to their craft, conveyed heartfelt gratitude to CashToken Rewards Africa for their generous prizes. Their commitment to continual improvement serves as an inspiration to aspiring Nigerian athletes.

In conclusion, the Lotus Bank Abeokuta 10km Marathon has not only celebrated the exceptional talents of Nigerian athletes but also underscored the event’s potential to spur economic growth and cultural exchange. As athletes like Patience Dalyop and Francis James continue to shine, the horizon of Nigerian long-distance running gleams with newfound promise.

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