Nigerian Importers Gain Access to Cotonou Ports – Customs Unveils Major Trade Move

Nigerian Importers Gain Access to Cotonou Ports - Customs Unveils Major Trade Move

Nigerian Importers to Clear Goods in Cotonou Ports, Announces Customs

In a groundbreaking development, Nigerian importers will soon have the option to clear their goods from the ports in Cotonou, Benin Republic. This announcement came following a two-day meeting between senior officials of the customs service of Benin Republic and the acting Comptroller-General of the Nigeria Customs Service, Adewale Adeniyi.

The purpose of this collaboration is to strengthen trade relations between the two neighboring nations and combat smuggling effectively. During the meeting, both countries entered into various agreements aimed at enhancing customs administration and promoting regional cooperation.

Under the new agreement, Nigerian importers will be able to clear their goods in Cotonou ports, simplifying the import process. Duties for goods subject to such fees can be paid at the Cotonou ports before entry into Nigeria. This move is expected to streamline trade and facilitate the smooth flow of goods between the two countries.

Addressing concerns about smuggling, Adeniyi explained that this arrangement extends beyond vehicles to cover all goods arriving at Cotonou ports. Duty assessment and payment will take place in Cotonou, ensuring a transparent and accountable process.

While the implementation details are still being worked out, both nations have agreed in principle to this approach and are in the process of establishing timelines for its rollout.

This partnership signifies a significant milestone in strengthening collaboration, eliminating trade barriers, and promoting legitimate trade within the West African region. It holds the promise of enhancing trade relations and trade facilitation between Nigeria and Benin Republic.

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