NLC Takes On Minister Wike Over Abuja Demolitions – Are the Poor Paying the Price

NLC Takes On Minister Wike Over Abuja Demolitions – Are the Poor Paying the Price

NLC Challenges Minister Wike Over Abuja Demolitions, Denounces Impact on the Poor

The Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) is taking a firm stand against the ongoing demolitions in Abuja, led by the Federal Capital Territory Minister, Nyesom Wike. In a recent interview, NLC President Comrade Joe Ajaero strongly criticized these demolitions, likening them to a form of tyranny reminiscent of Hitler’s regime, especially as they disproportionately affect the less privileged.

Comrade Ajaero emphasized the fundamental human need for shelter, echoing Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, and expressed deep concern over demolishing homes only to instruct the affected individuals to accept their fate. He raised questions about the elusive “master plan” while highlighting the personal sacrifices made by many individuals who use their retirement savings to lay the foundations of their homes, only to see them reduced to rubble.

According to Comrade Ajaero, there is an ongoing war waged by Nigeria’s elite against the impoverished population. He called on political leaders to acknowledge the suffering of the poor, who are now struggling to survive in the face of these demolitions.

Ajaero drew parallels with the impunity witnessed during Hitler’s regime in Germany, emphasizing that such actions should not persist, as they disproportionately affect the working class and those without access to adequate housing.

Furthermore, Ajaero lamented the decline in Nigeria’s commitment to welfare, even when it is constitutionally mandated. He highlighted that citizens are left to address their transportation, water supply, electricity, and education expenses, with no access to healthcare. He also mentioned the diversion of funds earmarked for housing policies contributed by workers.

In conclusion, the NLC president vowed to put an end to these demolitions, which he claims are negatively impacting the working class in Abuja. The NLC’s stance reflects the urgency of addressing the housing crisis and ensuring that the less privileged have access to shelter and basic necessities.

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