Osun State Drops Bombshell Cuts Ties with Federal Appointee and Warns Corporations

Osun State Drops Bombshell Cuts Ties with Federal Appointee and Warns Corporations

Osun State Authorities Deny Association with Federal Appointee, Initiate Inquiry

In a decisive move to protect its reputation, the Osun State Government has publicly severed ties with Mr. Kehinde Ibitoye, a Federal Government-appointed official responsible for National Social Intervention Programmes. Governor Ademola Adeleke’s spokesperson, Olawale Rasheed, issued a formal statement underscoring that Mr. Ibitoye was not an agent of the state and warning organizations to be wary of any dealings he may propose in the name of the state government.

The statement also made it abundantly clear that Osun State is not involved in any projects with Microsoft Corporation and Fidelity Bank, directly contradicting claims made by Mr. Ibitoye. Governor Adeleke has ordered a comprehensive investigation into Ibitoye’s actions, seeking to produce a detailed report that will be shared with the Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs.

Attempts to contact Mr. Ibitoye for his perspective have been unfruitful, adding a layer of intrigue to an already complex issue.

The unfolding scenario highlights the critical need for transparent governance and serves as a stark reminder for agencies and corporations to exercise due diligence before entering into any collaborative agreements, particularly those invoking governmental endorsements. The State Government has reaffirmed its commitment to upholding its reputation and has pledged to hold accountable those who compromise it.

As the inquiry into Mr. Ibitoye’s activities gets underway, this incident raises important questions regarding the boundaries between federal and state responsibilities, and the legitimacy of appointees representing these governmental levels.

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