Outcry Over UNILAG Assault Demands for Justice and Zero Tolerance

Outcry Over UNILAG Assault Demands for Justice and Zero Tolerance

Outcry for Accountability and Zero Tolerance: Group Advocates Justice in Alleged UNILAG Assault

A group of concerned Nigerians, operating under the banner of “Concerned Citizens,” has launched a passionate call for justice and accountability in a disturbing case of alleged sexual assault at the University of Lagos (UNILAG). The petition, which has garnered 74 signatures on Change.org, is directed at key figures in academia and law enforcement.

The incident in question revolves around Dr. Kadiri Akeem Babalola, a lecturer in UNILAG’s Department of Botany, who stands accused of sexually assaulting a 20-year-old female undergraduate student within the confines of his office. Appalled by the gravity of the allegations, the Concerned Citizens group insists that such heinous acts must not go unpunished and underscores the urgency of swift and resolute justice.

The heart of their demands lies in a call for a meticulous, transparent, and prompt investigation into the accusations against Dr. Babalola. They emphasize the need to scrutinize all available evidence, including any potential admissions made by the accused, to ensure a fair and comprehensive inquiry.

In addition, the group asserts that UNILAG should adopt a zero-tolerance policy regarding sexual harassment and misconduct by its faculty members or staff. This policy, they contend, should involve a robust review and reinforcement of the institution’s existing protocols for addressing such incidents, thereby creating a safer academic environment for all.

The petition also underscores the importance of providing unwavering support to the survivor, both physically and psychologically, throughout the legal process. Furthermore, it highlights the need for accountability within UNILAG’s administration. If any university officials are found to have been aware of prior misconduct by Dr. Babalola and failed to take appropriate action, the petitioners insist that those individuals must be held answerable.

In this tumultuous chapter, the Concerned Citizens group stands as a steadfast advocate for justice and a staunch guardian of the rights and safety of students within the academic realm.

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