Passport Backlogs Vanishing in Just Two Weeks Minister Bold Promise Shakes the Nation

Passport Backlogs Vanishing in Just Two Weeks Minister Bold Promise Shakes the Nation

Minister Bold Promise Passport Backlogs to Vanish Within Two Weeks

In a resolute declaration, Nigeria’s Minister of Interior, Olubunmi Tunji-Ojo, has vowed to eliminate the persistent passport backlog issue within a mere two weeks. During a live appearance on Channels Television’s Politics Today program, Tunji-Ojo left no room for doubt, asserting that there can be no justification for passport delays in Nigeria.

He emphatically stated that the clearance of all existing backlogs must be achieved within this short time frame, pointing out that the scarcity and delay in passport issuance and renewal have inadvertently fueled corruption within the sector.

Tunji-Ojo underscored the fundamental nature of this commitment by emphasizing that owning a green passport is not a privilege but an inherent right for every Nigerian. He insisted that Nigerians should not have to rely on anyone else to access their own rights.

In line with President Muhammadu Buhari’s directive, the Minister made it abundantly clear that the status quo is no longer acceptable. He detailed a comprehensive approach to streamline and enhance the passport application process, covering online form filling, biometrics, and passport issuance.

Tunji-Ojo revealed ongoing discussions with service providers and the Nigeria Immigration Service to digitize and decentralize the passport issuance and renewal process. He stressed the need for a digital transformation and decentralization strategy to ensure convenience and efficiency for Nigerian citizens.

This commitment from the Minister represents a significant step towards resolving a longstanding issue that has caused frustration for countless Nigerians. It signals a new era where obtaining or renewing a passport in Nigeria should be a swift and hassle-free process, aligning with the fundamental rights of the nation’s citizens.

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