Peter Obi Takes on the System Defies PEPC Verdict Heads to Supreme Court in Epic Battle for Justice

Peter Obi Takes on the System Defies PEPC Verdict Heads to Supreme Court in Epic Battle for Justice

Peter Obi Rejects PEPC Verdict, Vows to Fight for Justice at Supreme Court

In a bold move, former presidential candidate Peter Obi has rejected the recent ruling by the Presidential Election Petition Court (PEPC) and is determined to pursue justice at the highest level—the Supreme Court.

During a press briefing in Onitsha, Obi expressed his disagreement with the PEPC’s decision while appreciating their prompt judgment delivery. He affirmed his unwavering commitment to exhaust all legal avenues available in his quest for justice.

Obi stated, “The PEPC’s decision is not the final word in this matter. The Supreme Court, which I trust, now holds the responsibility. I urge Nigerians to stay focused, resolute, and committed to peaceful processes. This battle is far from over.”

Obi’s resolve to seek justice is unshaken, as he disclosed that his legal team had already received clear instructions to file an appeal against the PEPC’s ruling. He sees this pursuit of justice as not just a personal mission but also a quest to rectify what he views as the unjust denial of the electoral mandate of numerous supporters nationwide, which he attributes to the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).

The former presidential candidate emphasized the vital role that robust national institutions and public trust play in a flourishing democracy. He pointed out that transparent and fair execution of INEC’s statutory duties could significantly reduce electoral disputes. However, when such institutions falter, as he believes INEC did in this case, seeking recourse through the judiciary becomes imperative.

Obi concluded, “I will exhaust every available legal avenue before considering any other course of action. I respect due process, and I believe that our shared experience through this process will ultimately unite us. Correcting a wrong premise requires the right process.”

Peter Obi’s unwavering commitment to pursuing justice through legal channels sets the stage for a significant legal battle with potential far-reaching implications for Nigeria’s electoral landscape.

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