President Tinubu Game-Changing Move Meet the Powerhouse Team Transforming the Federal Capital Territory

President Tinubu Game-Changing Move Meet the Powerhouse Team Transforming the Federal Capital Territory

President Bola Tinubu has recently made a significant move to bolster the administration of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) by appointing eight Mandate Secretaries, according to an official announcement from the Presidency.

These appointments signify President Tinubu’s commitment to enhancing governance and service delivery in the nation’s capital, addressing the diverse needs of the federal capital and its residents.

The newly appointed Mandate Secretaries bring a wealth of experience and expertise to their respective roles, each with a specific focus area vital for the efficient functioning of the FCTA.

Here’s a breakdown of the appointments:

  1. Mr. Bitrus L. Garki, Secretary, Area Council Services Secretariat: Overseeing services at the area council level within the FCT.
  2. Lawan Kolo Geidam, Secretary, Agriculture and Rural Development Secretariat: Focusing on agriculture and rural development for food security and economic growth.
  3. Mr. Danlami Ihayyo, Secretary, Education: Improving the educational system in the FCT, ensuring quality and access for all.
  4. Dr. Adedolapo A. Fasawe, Secretary, Health and Human Services Secretariat: Enhancing healthcare and human services for residents’ well-being.
  5. Barrister Salman Dako, Secretary, Legal Services Secretariat: Efficient handling of legal matters and adherence to the law.
  6. Barrister Chinedum Elechi, Secretary, Economic Planning, Revenue Generation, and PPP: Focusing on economic growth, revenue generation, and public-private partnerships.
  7. Arch. Uboku Tom Nyah, Secretary, Transportation Secretariat: Enhancing transportation infrastructure and services for improved mobility.
  8. Alhaji Muntari Abdulkadir, Secretary, Social Development Secretariat: Fostering social development and inclusivity within the FCT.

These appointments reflect President Tinubu’s dedication to ensuring the FCTA operates efficiently and effectively. With their diverse expertise, the Mandate Secretaries are poised to contribute significantly to the development and progress of the nation’s capital.

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