Revolutionizing Power Nigeria New App Promises to Put DisCos Under Your Thumb

Revolutionizing Power Nigeria New App Promises to Put DisCos Under Your Thumb

Nigeria’s New Digital Leap: Mobile App to Amplify Power Sector Transparency

Nigerian power consumers are set to experience heightened transparency and responsiveness with the launch of a cutting-edge mobile app. Unveiled in the capital city, Abuja, the application will first benefit those under the Abuja Electricity Distribution Company (AEDC). This innovative solution empowers over 11 million Nigerians to instantly report power issues, track resolutions, and assert their rights within the Service Based Tariff (SBT) ambit.

This tech-driven stride is an embodiment of the directive from the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC). This directive accentuates consumer rights, especially in the context of compensation for lapses in promised power delivery by Distribution Companies (DisCos).

Sanusi Garba, NERC’s Chairman, heralded the app as a game-changer for enhancing service quality in the Nigerian Electricity Supply Industry (NESI). Compatible with major mobile platforms, this application aims to bring about a transparent discourse between consumers and DisCos, spotlighting DisCos’ commitment to the NERC’s compensation protocol.

In his words, “Harnessing the potential of technology, this platform aims to provide a timely solution to power-related grievances, strengthening the synergy between DisCos and NERC.” He also drew attention to a recent consumer protection policy that mandates a specific resolution window for utilities, particularly DisCos.

Endorsing the broader deployment of the app, Commissioner Aisha Mahmud from Consumer Affairs at NERC emphasized its role in fortifying dual oversight—by DisCos and the commission. She underscored the app’s mission, stating, “It’s designed to assure consumers of superior service standards, ensuring they get true value and their interests remain paramount.”

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