Terrifying Earthquake Shakes Morocco Shocking Stories of Survival and Unity Amidst Chaos

Terrifying Earthquake Shakes Morocco Shocking Stories of Survival and Unity Amidst Chaos

In the wake of a devastating earthquake in Morocco, the President of the Nigerian Association Maroc, Pere Ageli, provides insights into the situation and the response of the Nigerian community in Morocco. The earthquake, which struck suddenly, took residents by surprise, with its epicenter in Marrakesh. Ageli describes the terrifying moment when the ground shook beneath their feet, emphasizing the city’s significance as a tourist hub. While the official death toll may not fully represent the disaster’s magnitude, Ageli speculates that the Moroccan government might downplay the figures to protect its tourism-dependent economy.

Ageli estimates that around 5,000 Nigerians reside in Morocco, with only one Nigerian known to have been affected by the earthquake. Tina, the victim, is receiving treatment for a fractured leg after jumping from a building in panic. Despite the earthquake’s devastating impact, there is no mass exodus of Nigerians from Morocco, with Ageli emphasizing the resilience of the Nigerian community and their commitment to remaining in a welcoming host country.

The Nigerian Association Maroc is actively involved in assisting earthquake victims, both Nigerians and Moroccans. They have mobilized resources to support Tina and initiated campaigns to educate the community on earthquake preparedness. Ageli commends the Nigerian embassy in Morocco for its swift response to the disaster, reflecting the embassy’s dedication to its citizens in times of crisis.

The earthquake experience has provided valuable lessons, with Ageli and the Nigerian community better prepared for any future seismic events, focusing on proper response and assistance to those affected. Morocco’s response to the disaster demonstrates resilience and unity, with King Muhammed VI returning to lead efforts and support victims, showcasing the country’s commitment to recovery.

Despite the harrowing experience of the earthquake, Nigerians in Morocco remain steadfast, offering assistance and preparing for the future. The earthquake has highlighted the strength and resilience of both the Nigerian community and the host country, Morocco.

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