Tragedy Strikes Building Collapse Claims Two Sisters Lives in Ogun State

Tragedy Strikes Building Collapse Claims Two Sisters Lives in Ogun State

Tragic Building Collapse Claims Lives of Two Sisters in Ogun State

In a devastating incident, a building owned by the Ayanshina family in Ojodu Abiodun, Ogun State, has collapsed, resulting in the tragic loss of two sisters. The catastrophe unfolded following a heavy downpour that triggered a mudslide, leading to the building’s sudden collapse.

The victims of this heart-wrenching incident were Suliyat, 16 years old, and her elder sister Nofisat, 25 years old, who were inside the structure when the rain began. As the rainfall intensified, the building succumbed to the force of the mudslide, resulting in the tragic accident.

It took the concerted efforts of neighbors to rescue the trapped sisters from the debris. Subsequently, both Suliyat and Nofisat were rushed to Tomade Hospital, Ojodu Abiodun, which was in close proximity. Despite immediate medical attention, the attending physician sadly confirmed their demise.

An eyewitness from the community, who preferred to remain anonymous, expressed shock and grief over the incident. He shared that the entire community had come together to assist in the rescue efforts, but the outcome was profoundly tragic.

Following this heartrending tragedy, the family insisted on conducting Islamic burial rites for the sisters. The incident was reported to the police, and the family’s wishes were respected.

This devastating event serves as a somber reminder of the significance of safety precautions during adverse weather conditions and the necessity of proper building maintenance to avert such tragic occurrences.

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