UAE Airlines to Resume Nigeria Flights – Travelers Rejoice as Visa Ban Lifts

UAE Airlines to Resume Nigeria Flights - Travelers Rejoice as Visa Ban Lifts

UAE Airlines Ready to Resume Flights to Nigeria After Visa Ban Lift

In a promising turn of events, UAE airlines are on the verge of restoring flight services to and from Nigeria, following the recent approval from both governments. The decision to lift the visa ban on Nigerian travelers has opened the door to the swift resumption of air travel connections.

This significant development unfolded after a high-level meeting between President Bola Tinubu and UAE President Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan in Abu Dhabi. The outcome of their diplomatic discussions promptly led to the reversal of the visa ban, ushering in a swift return to regular flight operations.

Both Etihad and Emirates Airlines have received the green light to promptly reintroduce their flight schedules for Nigeria. This news will be a welcome relief for travelers and businesses, signaling a return to normalcy in air travel connections between the two nations.

However, Susan Akporiaye, President of the National Association of Nigerian Travel Agents, clarified that specific processes must be followed before flight operations can resume. These procedures include applying for flight schedules and times through the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA). The NCAA will assess these requests in consideration of existing airline operations, granting approvals accordingly. Once these necessary approvals are secured, flight schedules will be announced, and bookings and ticket issuance will commence.

As Nigeria and the UAE collaborate to facilitate the resumption of flights, this development signifies a positive step in strengthening diplomatic relations and improving travel options for passengers traveling between these two countries.

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